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Shelved Kart Racing Game

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A SP/MP kart racing game with a unique twist which has been shelved, unfortunately.

What I did:

. Paper LD

. Greybox tracks in UE4

. Reviewed tracks made by other            designers and gave feedback
. LD production pipeline for the game

. LD task allotment for the game

. Created a unique LDD format for our    game

. Core camera system design                 documentation and integration for      the game along with 1 programmer
. Initial AI design

About the Concept:


We were creating a kart racing game with a unique twist that would have added in a new flavour in the market.

Unfortunately, I can't go into a lot of details for this game, as this has been shelved now.

Role: Senior Level Designer
Genre: Kart Racing Game
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: PC, PS4, XB1 and Switch

Duration: 5 Months (Jan '20 - June '20)

Team: ~25 Members
About the Work XP:


We were a small team of designers, and most of us were LDs, so we all overtook multiple responsibilities for this game. My prior experience helped me switch between and do all the work efficiently.

Apart from the regular level and game design work. I focused my responsibilities as a senior for the first time. I set the pipeline for the LD team, managed the future tasks for the LD team and created a unique LDD format that not only helped the design but even the art team. These responsibilities amongst others were great learning experiences.

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