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Spyder DLC

Next Project (Shelved Kart Racing Game)

A puzzle game where you play as Agent 8, a spider bot bent to save the world in a
Spy-on-The-Wall adventure.  It is available for
iOS devices via Apple Arcade.

What I did:

. 5 greybox layouts

. 5 levels tech pass (collaboration with    tech team)

. 3 levels art pass (collaboration with      art team)

. 3 levels polished / released

. Reviewed team's levels

About the Concept:


Spyder is a spy puzzle game where we utilized the 360 degree movement possible only as a spider. In level design terms, we had the opportunity to create levels with mind bending architecture.

Role: Senior Level Designer
Genre: Puzzle Game
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: Apple Arcade (iOS)

Duration: 3 Months (2020)

Team: ~20 Members
About the Work XP:


I worked on the DLC for the game where we made several mini levels which were added as daily missions. They were time bound and had a leaderboard per level. I oversaw 2 main DLC levels being created which were later scrapped due to time and budget constraints.

For the final 3 levels that we released we had a tight time schedule which we accomplished because of everyone's drive to deliver the best, great team cohesion and communication.


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