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Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

This is the world in which both the players compete against each other.

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2

A view from the skies.

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 3

A view of the objects placed in the map. We had designed a village and placed and made props accordingly.

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 4

A view from the barn. We added specific points in the map with some distinguished buildings so that the player can track his way around the map.

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 5

We used the UE4 player model and copied it and gave it a color change for the other player. We had to do this because we did not have a great 3d artist and an animator.


Screenshots for Dystopia's GGJ 2015 Build 


2 players compete against each other to collect orbs within a given time period, the world is set as a village and players have mechanics like wall jump, double jump and dash at their disposal. The project is for PC.

Role: Game / Level Designer

Genre: 3D, Multiplayer Puzzle

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platform: PC

Duration: 2 Days (Jan '15)

Team: 8 Members


About the Project:


Global Game Jam 2015


Dystopia is a 3rd person puzzle game made in UE4 for GGJ 2015. The theme assigned was "What do we do now?". We formed a team and started working on our project, our primary goal was not to win the jam but to learn UE4. As for all of us it was the first time we were using this engine.

What I did:


. Brainstorming for mechanics

. Level design on pen / paper and UE4

. Used UE4 to make the terrain along     with placing of game objects and         assets in the map

. Made a few custom materials and         particle effects in UE4

About the Concept:


The game puts 2 players against each other. There are red orbs placed in the map and whoever collects the most wins. The game incorporates

mechanics like wall jump, dash, double jump. The main objective for the player is basically to outrun the other player and gets as many points as possible by exploring the area and finding out orbs.

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